Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New York State of Mind

This may be short. I am blogging on my iPhone and I've had a couple of glasses of wine....

We are in New York. We've had this trip planned now for about 9 months. After toying with the idea of wanting to go to Florida to see my dad, who I haven't seen in about 4 years at least and my new step-mom (still sounds weird to say that), and wanting to take a trip to South Carolina to see friends who
moved there...we decided that since 2013 was to be such a big year for us...we would add a few more fun things while we were on the east coast.

So here we are. In New York. My second time here and I am IN. LOVE (again...i fell in love the first time, too). I love the vibe. I love the attitude. I love the pace. I love the excitement.  I love the melting pot. Currently, i am infatuated with our hotel. Our room...spacious, modern, well-appointed, and beds exceptional. Last night we met my sister out (she lives here) for a drink and dinner. Started at a little French place called Felix and i became infatuated with our French bartender. Yes, i am married, but i am still allowed to say that.

People aren't rude here, as some think. Interestingly, everyone has been more than accommodating and friendly. I love these people.

Today's activities included:
Harbor tour of Liberty Island, etc.
City bus tour (partially in the rain...good adventure).
9/11 Memorial
Lots of people watching.
Sunset and a bottle of wine.
Great day.

I love you New York. <3