Monday, May 21, 2012

My 'I Love Summer' Post

I love summer.  I do.  Actually, I used to love summer much more than I do now.  I think as I get older, the less I enjoy the extreme heat out here.  I should clarify that it's the early days of summer that I love.  Those days in May and early June, where we are "eased" into the heat of summer.  Temps in the 90s and maybe the occasionally century mark and the feel of the heat on my skin feels good.  Tank tops.  Short shorts.  Pretty sundresses with spaghetti straps.  Sun-kissed skin.  The days before it stays so hot and you are just "over it."  I love summer until it's mid-July and it's been 110 out all month long and I get into my car and burn my legs on my seat and then I slide out from the sweat and then I think to myself, "I just HAD to have the leather seats, right?"  I should have listened to the kids when I bought this car.  They're the ones that remember what leather seats feel like in the summer....Anyway, it's not even the end of May, yet, and we haven't really been "eased" into summer.  It just kind of appeared.  Mother's Day graced us with 107.  And although temps have dipped only slightly since then, it looks like summer is here.  Today was a balmy (not) 109.  It's May.  Hello Summer.  

But, I do love summer.  And for the last two years, I have made my "annual" Summer To-Do List.  Things I want or need to do over the summer.  And since now school is officially out for me, I am now putting together my list.  I'm excited.  Here's just a few things that are on this summer's list:

Go to the beach.  As many times as I can.
Get a job.  At least part-time.  I really need to do this.
Bake a peach pie.  Or two.  
Watch lots of movies and eat popcorn with my girls.  
Watch the sunset on the beach.  
Catch a couple of Padres games.
Staycation at La Quinta Resort.
Clean out closets.
Have a garage sale.  
Make lots of strawberry lemonade slushies (none of that McDonald's crap....we use Trader Joe's Organic Reduced sugar lemonade, fresh strawberries and ice.  Yum!)

My pleasure reading for the summer (which one to start with?):

There's one more that's not shown...50 Shades of Grey..yes, I will be reading that, too.   

And not so much for pleasure reading, but a must for a head start for Nursing 2:

There's more fun on my "to-do"'s just in my head somewhere and hasn't quite made it out onto paper...

Last summer I was addicted to three different salads.  This hot weather makes me crave cool, refreshing, healthy yummy things to eat.  So, I will share my addictions:

  • Arugula, fresh basil (thinly sliced), extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Yum!

I don't particularly like to eat at Tommy Bahama's but they do have a great Asian slaw side that they serve.  I tried recreating it and then finally googled it is:

  • Shredded green cabbage, thinly sliced jicama, flat leaf parsley, evoo, fresh lime juice, salt and pepper.  Love this.  With seared ahi or even as a side with Mexican food. 

And finally...
  • Watermelon (cubed), fresh mint, feta cheese, fresh lime juice, evoo, salt and pepper.  So refreshing.  So good!  
So, as I mentioned, school's out for me.  I did  it.  I got through Nursing 1.  Took my final this morning and thought I was so prepared.  Didn't get the grade I really wanted, but, I am getting over it.  I learned so much.  I am doing something I never in a million years thought I would be doing.  The thought of next semester is terrifying to me.  So I just won't think about that right now.  

I think I'll just start enjoying summer.  Starting now. 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Losin' the Mojo

Well, it's becoming a pattern here...longer spans between blog posts.  I'm losing a little bit of steam....losing the mojo.  But, I've got reasons.  Yes, I have been wrapped up in school.  And when I am not in class or consumed with reading I am cleaning, cooking, or driving someone around.  And since I am trying to create balance, I am trying to have a good time here and there, too.  Little extra time to set aside to blog.  And then sometimes I avoid this space when I just think I have nothing creative or interesting to say.  Or sometimes I am in a mood where I would love to do nothing more than to vent, but I refrain from doing so on this medium.  I don't pretend that my life is always hunky dory.  I love the phrase "ebb and flow"...our lives definitely ebb and flow and I definitely have been a flowing for a while.  I continue to hear myself say that I have never been happier than I have these last couple of years.  I just like where I'm at and what I'm doing.  Sure, things could be MUCH better in many ways...but, those things will come, I know.  My kids are happier than I have ever seen them.  And THIS makes me very happy.  

Over the last several months, I know I have been guilty of not staying in touch with some of my friends and family.  I call less and less.  I have so little time in my days to sit down and have any length of phone conversations.  Or I am stressed and overwhelmed and I just don't want to call and be a Debbie Downer.  I think and hope that the people in my life know how crazy my schedule has been.  Nursing school is about as intense and stressful as it gets and I am now realizing that I don't think most people get it unless they are going through the program, as well. We all crave the love and support from our friends and family and I try my best to deliver on this aspect to others.  We don't always get back what we give.  And this is not my MO, by any means.  A quick text, at least, lets people know I am thinking of them; or the quick phone call on my way to school or the hospital...even though it's brief...I try when I can. Hey, I get it...we all get caught up in our own lives, so I am forever grateful for the ones understand what I am doing and going through and who check up on me every now and then. : )

The good news is that this semester is over in just 2 short weeks.  Wow!  I am going to make it!  It has been every bit difficult as I was told it was going to be.  But, it's been great and I have learned so much and all I can say is that it's a darn good thing I feel like I am 25 and not 45!  A few short months ago I was freaking out because I couldn't hear a blood pressure.  Now, I have given 4 shots (woo hoo...4 shots...all in the stomach) and some other fun stuff.  I have met some amazing people.  It's been good, good, good.  We are finishing up a hellish type of week at school...a test that it's been made clear that we disappointed our instructor on and a final comprehensive skills test that had everyone feeling the stress and pressure.  This testing made or break our semester...and, sadly,  it turns out it broke a couple of people.  You fail it, and you fail the semester.  Little bit of pressure? 

So, I guess I can't end this blog post without saying at least a little something about Stagecoach.  Stagecoach is a huge country music festival that is held out here every year late April or early May for 2, sometimes 3 days.  I think this is the 5th year of Stagecoach.  I haven't missed one, yet.  Stagecoach is my happy place.  Hot weather, shorts, cowboy boots, great country music.  Along with about 50,000 people....many of whom are drunk and half naked (it's hot out there...there's a lot of skimpies walking around)....
Me and Rylee
Look!  My very first picture attachment on my blog!

Rylee and Sara Evans
Most years I attend Stagecoach with friends.  I have taken the kids before, but have avoided it, because of the crowds.  This year, we were fortunate to have been given 3 wristbands, which allowed us to a backstage area and VIP area, so Chandler and Rylee were my Stagecoach buddies this year.  As luck would have it, while we were backstage, Rylee was able to meet and have her picture taken with Sara Evans, Brett Eldredge and The Band Perry.  It was pretty fun and exciting.  We saw some great artists perform this year and I know the girls truly enjoyed it. There was a period of time where Rylee was hanging out with her friends and Chandler was with her boyfriend and I found myself just hanging out by myself.  My grandmother always told me it was important to enjoy your own company. Luckily, I'm pretty good by myself.  :)

Until next time...(maybe I'll get the summer lovin' mojo back!)

P.S...I am pretty excited about finally adding photos on here!  I'm moving up in the world here!