Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

Oh, how the time flies.  I'm not sure where the last two weeks have gone.  Actually, I feel like I have just been flying high for the last three weeks.  Just lots of calm, lots of joy.  Just been in a good, sweet, happy place.  

Rylee's birthday was kind of just a chill day around the house.  And she was fine with that.  We had a family dinner at the restaurant of her choice...Hibachi.  It was lots of fun.  That whole week that followed was Spring Break.  This is the first Spring Break since I have had kids that I have not worked or been in school.  I was free to do whatever I wanted WITH my kids.  I am still getting used to the fact that I am not working.  And although it is still somewhat of a financial struggle, I cherish the fact that I have this time.  

I had lofty goals set for myself for that week.  Lots that I wanted to get done.  Being in school and doing the kid thing makes for lots of things left undone around the house.  I managed to get a few things marked off the list, but not all.  That's ok...learning to let some things go.  We kept busy that week with doctor's appointments, shopping, hanging around doing nothing.  We did have Rylee's birthday party with some of her friends.  Rylee's birthday always falls around Spring Break.  For two years now, we always assume that we won't get a good turnout, thinking some or most will be out of town.  Not so...two years in a row, everyone could come!  We took 13 kids ice-skating, then to Sonic, then back here to hang out for a bit and have cookie cake.  It's kind of nice...the older they get the less you really need to plan for them!  

Last week was back to school.  I was a bit apprehensive about going back.  Worried about feeling like I would be starting over after being out of the clinical setting for 2 weeks.  But, it was great.  I had an amazing patient.  It was 2 days of caring for her that was confidence building for me, for sure.  It's hard to believe that we only have 5 weeks left of school.  And only 3 of those weeks left in the hospital.  It's a little unnerving, as I don't feel like it's been enough time.  Not enough time to feel completely competent in all that we are doing.  Praying that by the time the semester ends, I don't feel this way!  

So, this weekend was the first of two weekends of Coachella.  Usually, we are leaving for Vegas for a cheer competition that always falls on the same weekend of Coachella.  While we are in Target shopping for our road trip, the 'fest-ers are there buying up water, chips, sunscreen and whatever else.  They are always a sight to see.  This weekend we were here.  I love the electric feeling of seeing the buzz around the streets and in the stores.  Seeing and hearing of the parties all over town.  It's pretty cool, even if I have no interest in attending.  Now, Stagecoach...that's another story.  Two more weeks...(hoping I can find some tickets!) I haven't missed a Stagecoach, yet.  Not much makes me happier than donning a pair of cowboy boots and shorts and hanging out with a bunch of country music-loving people.  

Off to get ready for the week.  Have a great one!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rylee Lauren

Today, my April Fools Baby is a teenager. 13 years old??  How can that possibly be? I can remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday.  

My pregnancy with Rylee was pretty uneventful.  I had two miscarriages before getting pregnant with her, so it was huge relief getting through that first trimester.  I loved being pregnant.  I loved watching my belly grow and watching it move.  My favorite past time would be to lay on the couch and just watch a foot or an elbow stretch and move inside of me.  I used to love the loving looks I would get from people wherever I went and the help I would get in the grocery stores unloading my groceries from the cart on to the check stand!  

My due date was March 29th.  By March 1st, I was ready to have this baby (we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, by the way).  I thought there was no way possible that my skin could possibly stretch any further and my body get any bigger.  I was super uncomfortable, too.  I planned to work until March 15th, but I told my boss/friend, Tina, that I didn't think I would make it until then.  I just knew I was going to have this baby ANY day.  Speaking of Tina, she threw me a surprise baby shower.  It was the most beautiful, elegant shower I had EVER been to.  Tina doesn't miss a beat with her parties.  I was so touched and honored for what she did for me.  It was amazingly beautiful.

Each day in March came and went and each day I couldn't believe I wasn't in labor, yet.  On March 31st, I went to see my doctor.  I had my bag packed and in the car, as I was going to beg him to induce me.  He was reluctant to do it and turns out there were no beds available at the hospital anyway!  After begging him, he agreed to induce me the following morning.  April 1st I was going to have this baby.

They started the induction at 6:00 the following morning.  It was a long, drawn out day.  What I remember most is:  Not being happy about not getting an enema that I asked for (I didn't want to poop while pushing).  I know...TMI, but hey, it's one of those things that no one tells you about.  I remember my contractions being so strong and my mother-in-law being there and massaging my back with a tennis ball.  I remember calling my friend, Tina, telling her to NOT get pregnant again...this labor thing SUCKS!  I remember them breaking my water and getting the epidural almost simultaneously and both being miserable.  

At one point, my father-in-law and his girlfriend came over and I had this room full of people all sitting around watching golf.  I can  remember being super irritated by this.  Sometime after 5:00, my doctor came in.  I was at a 10 by now, but this baby was just not going anywhere.  He had me push a couple of times..each time I pushed her heart rate would drop.  After about 2 pushes, he started to explain that this probably wasn't going to work...I stopped him and told him he didn't need to try to convince me...I knew he wanted to do a C-section...just get this baby out.  

They wasted no time.  I was immediately taken into the OR and they started prepping me.  My doctor's partner is standing across the room watching as they are prepping.  He says to me, "You've got a BIG baby in there."  Thanks Dr. B.  I can remember the creepiest feeling of all the pulling and moving and tugging of all sorts of things in order to get this baby out.  Crazy.

Rylee was born at 6:07 pm.  Eight pounds, six ounces and wedged in....Dr. D said there was no way I would have been able to push her out and he wished he didn't have me go through the labor.  

It seemed like forever for them to stitch me up.  I got to listen to all of them talk about OU football.  I was cold, uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was see my baby.  I kept telling Dr. D to hurry it up. Finally, they took me to the recovery area where Rylee was.  After a few minutes, I think the nurse could tell that I wanted everyone out of there...more people had come...and she made everyone leave (thank you, Nurse!).  

Rylee was born on a Thursday, but she didn't actually get named until Saturday.  Craig and I agreed that if we were having a boy I would name him and if it were a girl, he would name her. We had a list of names and ended up starting over.  So, for almost 2 days she was just our baby Girl.  

One thing is for certain, having an April Fools birthday suits Rylee.  She's silly and goofy and a little hyper (ok, a lot hyper most of the time).  She's got more energy than anyone.  And sometimes it's a little annoying, I'm not gonna lie.  She's constantly singing or dancing.  She's funny and quick witted.  And she's smart and has a lot of common sense.  She's stubborn, too.  But, she's sweet and caring and gracious.  I can't wait to see all of what is in store for this kid.  I am so proud to be her mom.

Happy Birthday sweet Rylee!  I love you!