Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Love

It was the '72 Summer Olympic Games, when my love for the games and gymnastics began.  I was 6 and I was infatuated with Olga Korbut.  She had this signature type move on the balance beam.....

And I could so do this.  I loved Olga with her cute pigtails and her slightly crooked teeth.  She was my idol.  After the Olympic games, my mom enrolled me in my first gymnastics class at the "Y"...and I was hooked.  I continued gymnastics through high school.  I was alright...not great, but loved it to no end.  I was beyond excited when I was able to attend Bela Karolyi's traveling gymnastics camp when they came to El Paso.  Imagine the excitement to be able to tumble with Bela??!!  And his wife, Marta, coaching on balance beam?  Yep, pretty exciting.  

As much as I want to say that I follow gymnastics in the Olympics, I only halfway do.  I can't remember when the scoring system changed.  I still don't understand how it's figured.  And I am not sure when it went from the "Magnificent 7" to the "Fab 5."  When and why did I miss all this? 

I am so enjoying the Olympics this summer.  More so than ever.  Maybe it's because I notice that all four of us are laying on the couch enjoying it together.  Together, we admire the physiques and talents of the divers, the gymnasts, the swimmers.  (Ryan Lochte...yes, we love you.)  But, we love rooting our USA teams on.  I have cried almost every night watching..with pride and with agony. 

Today I have made it a point to avoid any news on TV or on the Internet.  Don't want any more spoilers for tonight.  

The countdown to back to school is on and I am overwhelmed by the amount of things that I have to get done and with a very full August calendar to squeeze it all into.

For starters, guess where I am headed tomorrow?  Yep, that's right...Dallas Cowboys Training Camp...with two VIP tickets.  I am one excited girl! 

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