Monday, July 16, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Last week, we set out for our postponed trip to Lake Tahoe.  We've been up there only one other time, about 4 summers ago.  My aunt and uncle have a home, a beautiful home, on the lake and we were fortunate enough to be able to stay with them for a few days.  There really are no words to describe the beauty...other than it is like a fairy tale castle in the pines.  I secretly (or not so secretly) hope or imagine my girls being married in the beautiful garden surrounding the house. 

Anyway, we enjoyed all the lake activities we could...boating across the lake to Emerald Bay, kayaking (more on that), jet skiing, parasailing, horseback riding and just enjoying the cool mountain air.  We were only away for 6 days, and 2 of those were driving days, so we got in as much as we could. 

The kayak:  Rylee and I decided to venture out...our first time in a kayak.  There is a little dock area that is surrounded by rocks at the house.  The one-seater kayak was large enough for the two of us little people.  So, we get in and start kayaking (is that the word?) around, staying fairly close to the pier.  Scaredy cat me, is to reluctant to venture out past the buoys.  So, around we go.  Rylee is a star paddler, while I am trying to steer with the pedals.  About the time we decide it's time to be done, I am doing not such a good job with steering to the dock and instead, we are headed towards the rocks.  The water is getting slightly rougher and kind of pushing us into the rocks.  I am totally not able to get us out and to the dock.  At some point, the kayak tips over and out we go!  And OMG, the rocks are soooo slippery from the moss.  Very long story short, Rylee hurt her fingers and I came out with scrapes, bumps and bruises and I am not sure how the hell I got that kayak out of the water, but I did.  Kayaking:  Done.  Way too much work.  Not any fun.  Don't need to do that again, thank you very much. 

I should have taken a picture of the kayak for posterity.  But, it's ingrained in my head.
We never miss an opportunity to go riding!

Cruising from the north shore to the south.

We had a blast on the jet skis!
After our ride, we checked out the Emerald Bay lookout point.

So, now we are back.  It was a long drive home and we were all glad to be home sleeping in our own beds.  Rylee and I have both managed to develop sore throats.  Her initial throat culture came back this morning as positive for strep, but they will confirm in two days.  Hope it's not...hope I don't have it.  So...we are laying low for a couple of days.  Thinking some good 'ole chicken soup is in order!

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