Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Cruising With a Small Bump or Two

Summer's cruising along and I am doing my best to enjoy every second of it.  The calendar says it's July now, and that makes me panic a wee bit.  It means August is just around the corner!!  That cannot happen, yet!

We have had a good little balance of days of doing nothing much mixed with days at the water park, a 24-hour fabulous staycation at La Quinta Resort, sleepovers, movies, baseball games, dinners with friends, hitting balls on the driving range.  I am not working out nearly as much as I should or want to, which doesn't make me happy.  I wish I could find the motivation for this.  I have read four books, and I'll be honest...after finishing 50 Shades of Grey...nothing else seems interesting!  

One thing I have decided to do, is become a distributor for It Works!  I am so far from a sales person and I am normally a huge skeptic, but these products have really intrigued me.  The wraps feel good and are a hot commodity right much that they are now on back order for 3-4 weeks.  If you are reading this blog and want to find out more about this line of products (that will tone, tighten, and firm your skin...along with making you feel good!), check out this link:

Last week, Chandler cut off her hair.  16 inches.  She's wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love and she was ready for a change.  It's darling and she loves it.  

Before Chandler did this, a friend of ours asked Chandler to model for her clothing website ( check it out, it's cute, cute stuff.  Chandler was beyond thrilled to be asked to do this and had lots of fun doing it! 

So, summer hasn't been without a couple of bumps in our road.  After coming off Chandler's broken nose a few months ago, we've had Craig's work injury.  He's doing better, but not healed completely.  There was a possibility that they thought he may need a skin graft, but looks like that won't be necessary.  It still looks pretty ugly and he's still hobbling a bit.  We got a call on Father's Day morning from Craig's dad, from the ER.  He had been there for several hours.  Ended up being a kidney stone.  He's doing much better.  And then most recently, we had a bit of a mishap involving the car and the house.  And that's all I'll say on that one (but it wasn't me...).  None of these things were earth-shattering and we thank our lucky stars.  Just small bumps with added expenses and could be worse, much worse, right? 

Looking forward to this week..always love watching a good fireworks show and preparing for our Lake Tahoe getaway at the end of the week! 

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