Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello, Again.

Oh my.  Long time, no blog.  Since July?  Where has the time gone?

So much has been happening and I've been sort of busy.  In August I started my final semester of nursing school.  In less than 3 short weeks, I will be graduating. (Well, at least I hope to be graduating....). Holy heck.  This has been the fastest 12 weeks of my life.  I have loved the content of this semester (cardiac, respiratory, critical care)...but boy...the exams have kicked my booty.  Today was our last day of clinicals.  My last day as a student nurse.  And it came with so much mixed emotions.  So ready to be DONE.  But so NOT ready to be done.  It's been quite the ride and I am so proud of what I have accomplished.  I continue to learn so much more about myself and about other people, as well.  I have loved this latest chapter of my life.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  It's really my favorite holiday.  I have the best memories of Thanksgivings at home in Texas with lots of family around.  Our Thanksgivings here are much smaller in size.  I will miss being home again this year.  My girls ask every year if we will be able to go back--they love it, too.  So, today, I came home from the hospital and began cooking.  I can't wait for tomorrow to hang out, cook, watch football, and eat! 

For the last couple of years, each November, I have "adopted" a daily post for what I am grateful.  I have been remiss this year.  I've had some hiccups in the road, that sometimes keep me from seeing the bigger picture.  But, they are just little bumps, and we get up and move on.  Here are just a few things (among many) for which I am grateful:

That my family is healthy and happy. 

That we somehow managed for me to continue my education without working and not landing in the poorhouse. 

For new friendships I have made along this journey of nursing school. 

For a loving, supportive and hardworking husband.

That both my girls enjoy being home on a Saturday night or Sunday morning and loving watching football games on TV with us. 

That even though I can't be home for Thanksgiving, I have some amazing, traditional recipes that I love to make, so that I can pass on my family traditions. I learned from the best.  For sure. 
That my mom and sister (maybe sisters) will be visiting in just a couple of weeks to see me graduate!

So, tomorrow will be filled with football, eating, family and friends and then you can find me locked up somewhere studying for another exam all weekend long. 

Tonight, the menorah was lit and the tree went up (don't judge).   I am a happy camper. 

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

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