Friday, December 2, 2011


The other night in my Psych class our professor posed a question:  How do you assess your level of happiness?  I had just written the other day about how the last two years of my life had been some of the happiest, yet, I sat there and thought...hmm...I didn't know quite how to answer the question.

We all know the adage, "Money doesn't buy happiness."  But, I think we all agree we get some degree of happiness from buying that little something, right?  But, it the latest iPhone or that super cute pair of shoes that will bring us happiness?  (Maybe, just a little, right?)

So, my professor went on to discuss some elements in our lives that we can enhance that contribute to our level of happiness.  I thought it was worthy of passing on.

Positive Emotion:  This is easy...something in your life that brings you pleasure.  Something that you can anticipate and savor and be able to repeat it.  For me, I have lots of things that I find pleasure in...that I look forward to.  For's my bed.  Often, I find myself thinking about how I can't wait to get home and crawl into it.  I love my bed.  
Engagement:  Being immersed in whatever it is you are going.  A hobby?  A class?

Relationships:  Having enjoyable and supportive interactions with others.

Meaning:  Serving something greater than yourself!

Achievement/Accomplishment:  Completing our goals and following our core values.

If we can enhance and focus on each of these areas of our life, it helps raise the happy factor!

I have learned a few things about myself in the last couple of years.  First, I find that I am more keenly aware of how fulfilled I get from helping someone out.  Whether it be from something I am physically doing for them or from saying something to them to make them feel better about themselves or their situation.  Second, I have learned that the thought I once had that I could be a stay at home mom and not work or do something outside the house is not true.  Each time I have finished a class or two each semester, I find myself a little depressed.  I love being immersed and focused on something that challenges me.   And let me tell you...I have been challenged with this whole back to school thing.  I need to have this in my life.  When KDI called me back to work, the timing was perfect.  I had been looking for jobs all along and finally I had the opportunity to work part-time, take a class and do the mom and wife thing...The perfect balance.  

So, now my house is. a. mess.  Need to clean.  Want to finish decorating.  And I have a paper to write.  Rylee has her first cheer competition of the season tomorrow.  Lots and lots to do.  

Happy Friday! 

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