Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mimi

Today, my grandmother, Mimi, would have turned 89.  

Not a day goes by that I don't think about her.  And not that I don't think as fondly of my other grandmother (or my grandfathers for that matter) who have passed on, because I do, but my Mimi...I have about a zillion memories of her.  Hard not to, when I grew up with her living not just in the same town, but within minutes from us. 

Mimi's house had a scent that I can still smell.  And I'm not talking one of "old people" or moth balls or what you would typically think about your grandparents house. was different.  Not really perfumey. I can't even describe it, but it just smelled like her.  I loved it.  After she moved out of her condo, I was able to get her guest bedroom bed.  When it got smelled like her house.  Even the sheets and blankets still almost have that scent.  And even though we recovered the headboard and use it in Rylee's room, I can still faintly smell that scent of her house.

My memories of Mimi or being at her house include:

Eating mangos off a fork.
Chip-A-Hoy Chocolate Chip cookies
Swimming at her pool at Del Prado Apartments.
Spending the night at her house.
Swimming at her pool at Casitas.
Rye toast and eggs
Perfectly set dinner tables and beautiful dinners
Her chicken soup.
Her chicken salad (which even though she told me how she makes it, still doesn't taste like hers)
Her chopped liver.
Her perfectly organized kitchen and being so well prepared for big family dinners.
Her perfume tray in her bathroom with little mini bottles.  I thought they were so fancy.  
The fact that there was no off limits in her house.  Me, my sisters and cousins could play, be silly and be comfortable anywhere in her house. 
Her great taste in clothing.  She was always so well put together. 
Her letting me temporarily move in with her when I needed to escape my house....

Mimi understood me.  She knew that my dad and I didn't always have the greatest relationship and she got that.  

When I had Chandler, Mimi came out within days of her being born.  She was a great help.  She helped pick out furniture for her room with me.  I am so grateful that she had the opportunity to meet both of my babies.  She was in hog heaven, she was. 

Mimi taught me how to prune my vines growing on my fence.  Every time I plant or cut back anything, I think of her. 

I think of her much of the time.  I get choked up when thinking about being back in El Paso over Thanksgiving and wishing she had been there to see ALL of her children together.  But, I do know she was there.  In spirit...I know she saw us all and she was very happy.

Happy Birthday Mimi.  Love much.  xoxo

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