Saturday, January 7, 2012

Run, Forrest, Run!

Well, not exactly, but I'm sure gonna try.  

For the last couple of months, I have considered taking up running (ok, let's start with just jogging).  And let me say that I am NOT a runner.  I strongly dislike running.  That's the gentle way of saying that I hate running.  In fact, I immediately am taken back to 6th grade at Western Hills, where we had to run the mile for the physical fitness test.  That was seven effing laps around that "football field."  Thank goodness I had Vickie King with me...both of us holding our sides that were cramping and we ended up walking most of it.  Took us about 15 minutes to "run" the mile.  

I have never had much endurance for running or jogging or anything that is hard, physically.  I am a wimp.  I don't challenge myself in this manner.  If I go up the Bump & Grind trail by myself, I will turn around at some point, rather than go to the top.  I figure that hiking uphill for about 30 minutes is good enough, right?  So, I make sure I have someone to go with me, so that I don't wimp out.  And because I never do anything often enough, I am not able to condition myself to develop the endurance.  But...I am hoping to change all that.

About a week ago, a facebook friend posted that she plans to run a 5K next month.  She started this program "Couch Potato to 5K."  (Thanks Michele).  I thought...Hey, that is totally for me!  I am now inspired.  I am all about challenging myself these last couple of years.  If my back and knees can handle it, then I am going to give it my all.  This morning I completed Day 2.  Rylee and Lola accompanied me.  And I didn't wimp out. 

One of my resolutions this year is no more excuses.  I have a history of making excuses of why I can't work out.  I am fortunate that I have thin genes in my family.   I can go for long periods of time without working out and I won't gain any weight.  I'm in pretty decent shape, but, I want to be physically fit, not just thin. 

So, just like I refused to say "I hate Chemistry" I am no longer going to say, "I am not a runner"  or "I hate running."  If you say it, you believe it.  I believe I can conquer this.  At least I'm sure gonna try.  

And Forrest Gump.  I love that movie.  I think it's time to find that on Netflix.


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