Sunday, January 22, 2012


Emotions ran the gamut this week.  Highs and lows.  It was excitement and happiness and frustration and disappointment.  Anxiety and nervousness.  Relief.  There were many sleepless nights.  Sleep deprivation which led to crabbiness and impatience.  Tears and laughs.  

Sometimes you roll along and suddenly you hit a bump.  This week was a bumpy road.  Life and kids will throw that at you.  

My girls are the lights of my life.  They are polar opposites of each other:  One has dark hair, the other blonde.  One is quiet, reserved and cautious.  The other...loud, always talking, singing, moving and daring.  One is content to just be home and chill, the other always needs to be doing something.  I am equally proud of both of them.  They both bring me such joy and at the same time, occasional frustration.  Typical and normal, I know.  Sometimes I wish I could take a little out of one and put it into the other.  Their personalities are what they are and I know I will never be able to change that.  It's what makes them their special selves.  

Sometimes I know I am a little controlling and pushy, but only when I desperately try to get them to open their minds, let their guard down, try something new.  And if even in the end I find that I have beaten a dead horse and can't get through, at least I know it wasn't from not trying.  We only have one shot at this kid raising thing...and by golly, I will do anything I can to help pave the way for them.

This week I had a job interview at JFK for a unit secretary job in the ER.  After 40 application submittals, I was one of five that was called for this job.  Having zero experience for the job, I think the interview went pretty well.  I am pretty sure I won't be offered the job, which I am ok with, as I probably wouldn't be able to make it work anyway, with school starting.  So glad that I got the experience, though.

Yesterday, we had a cheer competition in Pasadena.  It was Chandler's first of the year and Rylee's second.  As Rylee's first team was warming up with just minutes away from taking the stage, one of her teammates was hit by her flyer and her nose was broken.  They announce that "due to an injury, Action will be competing at such and such time".  My phone immediately blew up with texts from parents asking me if I knew what was happening.  After a stressful 30 minutes backstage...the injured cheerleader and her team took that stage, pulled it together and rocked their routine.  It was beautiful...and far more worthy than their 4th place (out of 8 teams) finish.  We were so very proud of those kids.

This was Chandler's first time to compete in 3 years.  It was so great to see her up there.  I love to watch both my girls faces when they perform.  I love that they love what they are doing.  The teams overall didn't place well, but we did win a "good sportsmanship" award, which we could not be more proud of.  We have a great bunch of kids and coaches.  

I am so glad that this week is over.  Spaghetti sauce is simmering for lasagne and football on.  And ready for maybe a little more calm week ahead. 

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