Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Week

I know last week was great, but honestly, it's all a blur.  I almost can't remember what happened when.  

To start, I took my first exam on Monday.  As I went through the test, I couldn't get over how many questions left me second guessing myself.  I thought for certain I did horrible.  There were too many questions that I felt unsure about.  After the test, a group of us went over to the Yard House to celebrate.  Or to drown our sorrows.  Some of us felt better about it than others.  I was just happy to have it behind me.  Turns out, I got an 89 on it.  Almost cried.  So relieved.  From here on, every week we have either an exam or a quiz.  Not even a break.  

It was another fun week in lab, preparing us for this week, as we start at the hospital.  We have our first patient on Wednesday!  Can't wait.

On Friday, we headed out to Phoenix for our cheer competition.  We had too much silly fun with a great group of cheer parents.  On Saturday, all of our teams competed their little hearts out and we came home with first place wins for all of our teams.  Not only that, but we won Grand Champions in each division with paid bids to our final competition.  It was awesome.  We were the only team there from California and we represented. It was a great to see old high school friends and my aunt came out to watch the girls, too!

We're back and getting ready for another busy week ahead.  On, first day of clinicals at the hospital, Willie Nelson, Mamma Mia and a cheer competition at Universal Studios.  More fun.  :)

And for now, I'm so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open.  Nighty night. 

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