Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things That Made Me Smile This Week....

Things that made me smile this past week (in no particular order):

Perfect, beautiful, 85 degree days in February.

Chandler's severe post-surgery sore throat FINALLY going away.  

Driving to San Diego in two hours, free of traffic, with overcast and drizzly skies.  And my Starbucks.

Watching Rylee compete.

Watching Rylee sleep in the car.

Getting a text from Chandler telling me to come home sooner.

Getting my lab skill test over with after fretting over it for so long and getting an "A" on it.  

Chandler announcing that she wants to make dinner for us this week.  

Chandler shopping for her dinner menu.

Seeing that I have over 1000 page views on my blog. (wow--I think that's alot!)

Completing my 4th week of school.

And on that intense as it is, I love it.  My classmates are becoming like a second family.  I like the fact that my study group (all whom I adore) is not in my clinical group...I love being able to connect with more than just the 5 of us.  There are so many different personalities and stories between all of us.  We started off as a group of 30 and we are down to 29 after the 3rd week.  There was a lot of stress and anxiety going on in class this week...I heard someone say they thought they were going to throw up.  Some cried.  There was a lot of worried faces.  But, we all made it through.  

We had our first quiz and I got a B.  I hate that.  But, I suppose it's better than a C.  And our first real exam is Monday.  I feel a total sense of calm about it right now.  Another thing to smile about.  

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