Friday, February 3, 2012

The First Week

Well, week 1 is done!  It started off scary and overwhelming and total fish out of water feeling.  The reading requirement is crazy.  But, by the end of the week, I couldn't help but feel a little more at ease.  Everything we did this week in lab made the reading make sense. I'm not gonna get too comfortable, though....

Labs were super long days, but this week we learned how to give a bed bath (anyone want to help give me some practice?), change a bed with a patient in it, how to put a patient on a bed pan (yikes...) and how to flush a g-tube.  And some other stuff..  All fun, fun.  It's gonna be tons of work, but lots of fun, I know.  My classmates are great and we know we are all in the same boat and have each other's backs.  Although, I had one classmate actually ask me if I had started menopause, yet!!! Are you serious?  AND, she was older than me!!  So much for feeling and acting like I'm mean I don't look like it?  That sort of bursted my little bubble.  And by the way, the answer to that is a big fat NO.  No, I have not started menopause, yet.  :(

Wednesday night, I dropped the girls off at cheer and came home so that I could have a good solid 3 hours to do homework.  About 40 minutes into it, I get a call from the cheer gym...Chandler had been hit and they were nothing short of certain her nose was broken.  Ugh....a little bit of blood and some pain, but what made her cry the most was when she saw her face.  Poor kid.  Oh...and sister Rylee..she got pretty emotional for her sister, as well. 

I get to the gym and I can immediately see where she's been hit.  We get in the car and as we're driving I kind of joke and say..."Well, maybe we can go catch the basketball game"  (it's the last home game of the season and she was missing it because of her other cheer practice...and it was senior night and her boyfriend who plays is a senior...)...I was pretty shocked that she perked up and said yes,she wanted to on her nose, tear-streaked face and she wanted to go.  I was so proud of her.  So off to the game we went. 

Speaking of her boyfriend, I haven't mentioned him (it's only been a few weeks or so).  I'm not going to lie...we really like him.  He's got manners, he's nice, he's funny, he's smart, he's athletic.  He's cute, too.  They're pretty cute together.  And that's all I'll say on that one. 

Anyway, got Chandler's nose checked out and the ENT is more than certain her nose is broken and said don't bother with an xray.  Wants to see her in a week after the swelling subsides and is saying she will likely need surgery.  Total bummer.  He did say she could compete this weekend, since the damage was already done.  But, after tonight's practice, she made the decision to not compete...too worried about getting hit again.  It already hurts...can't imagine being  bumped again, even slightly.  I don't blame her one bit. IS  a contact sport. 

So, tomorrow we go to our biggest competition of the's huge and there are some amazing teams.  Rylee is now on a third team, so she will be a crazy girl this weekend.  I am sooo bummed for Chandler.  Makes me so sad. 

So, finally my chapter outlining is done for school and I can get myself to bed.  My plan is to read between teams  competing tomorrow (hmmm...I wonder if I can really make myself do that....).

Happy Weekend everyone! 

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