Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nice Gesture. Not.

Today, Chandler, Rylee, Ashton (Rylee's friend) and I were at Target.   As we were just about finishing checking out (I had just finished paying), Rylee picked up a lip gloss out of our basket and said, "Mom, I don't think he charged us for this."  We had 3 Baby Lips lip balms in the basket.  The checker says he believes he charged us and pulls up the receipt.  I quickly look at the receipt and just as soon as I say, "No, I don't see a third one on there, " the woman next in line behind me grabs the lip balm and says, "PUT THIS ON MY BILL...I'M IN A RUSH!!"  She GRABS the lip balm and scans the item herself!  I was so dumbfounded.. Is this really happening?  I said, "Oh, I'm so sorry if we are holding you up, that's not necessary for you to pay for it."  She continued to complain about her not having time for us to figure out if we paid for a lip balm or not.  She was so nasty about it. I reached into my purse and pulled out the $3 it cost and handed it to her and apologized for holding her up.  She shoved the money back at me, saying she didn't want my money.  It went back and forth one other time and I could see it turning into one of those whose paying for dinner scenes and as she shoved the money back at me a second time, I decided to take it and leave.  Fine, bitch. 

It was the strangest encounter I have ever had.  I am positive we were making a scene.  I think she thought she was doing something nice, as well as making her own life easier.  I've been in a position like that before, you get frustrated by being behind someone in line that's taking up more time than you'd like, but geez...calm the f___ down.  At least act like you're doing a good deed.  I wanted to say, "This does NOT make you a nice (er) person."  She could have handled it so differently...and come out smelling like a rose.  And avoided making so many of us there feel so awfully uncomfortable. 

I hope everyone there thought she was as big of an ass as I thought she was. 

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